Alguém passa essass frases para interrogativs e negativa

Alguém passa essass frases para interrogativs e negativa

  • Interrogativa?
    IsHanrygoing to plat football?
    IsHanry going to score some goals.?
    IsHenry kick the ball?
    Ishis parents see the match?.
    IsPaul do snow jumping?.
    Is the rabbit jump very fast?.
    IsRobert do bungee jumping?.
    IsTomplay golf with hisfather?

    Hanryisntgoing to plat football
    Hanry isnt going to score some goals.
    Henry isntkick the ball
    His parents isntsee the match.
    Paul isntdo snow jumping.
    The rabbit jump very fast.
    Robert isntdo bungee jumping.
    Tom isntplay golf with hisfather

  • Interrogative Form:
    Is Harry Going to play Football?
    Is Hanry Going to score some goals? Is hanry Kick the ball?
    Is His parents see the match?
    Is Paul do snow jumping?
    Is the rabbit jump very fast?
    is Robert do bungee jumping?
    Is Tom play Golf with his father?
    Negative Form
    Harry isentGoing to play Football
    Hanry isent Going to score some goals hanry isent Kick the ball
    His isentparents see the match
    Paul isentdo snow jumping
    the isent rabbit jump very fast
    Robert isentdo bungee jumping
    Tom isentplay Golf with his father

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